Hans Kazān
Nederlands Engels

Aegon - Menso van Leeuwen, communicatiemanager

Met een 9,1 overtrof Hans Kazān de hooggespannen verwachtingen.

Nike - Fred Mathijssen, senior director Nike Technology Europe

The Nike technology organization recently held a European annual summit and we were looking for an inspiring speaker to kick off our session. We quickly selected Hans Kazān from a long list of prominent speakers in the Netherlands.

It was important to have a speaker that was able to deliver a strong message that was aligned to our overall theme, yet to do this in a light hearted way mixing magic with the overall theme. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive as Hans met all of our expectations.

Holiday Inn Hotels - Maurice Jansen, general manager

Hans Kazān speelde perfect in op de actualiteit en onze missie.

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Magic Unlimited - Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazān

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